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Couch to 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon and ultra distances available which incorporate flexibility, cross training, strength, core and recovery.

Please contact me for further information.


3 day sample plan...

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day 1

Endurance run
: 60 min @ 08:13-09:16 min/mi
 Zone 2-Zone 3. Steady endurance run to maintain base fitness on steady flat course.

day 2

FOCUS: Hill Reps session designed to improve your strength and power. After 8 minutes warm up in Z1/2 complete the following:


Hill Climb @ MAX EFFORT +

Decent @ Jogging downhill.

Repeat x 6

CD - 8 minutes @ Z1


NOTE: Climb length can be between should be between 2-4 minutes at an incline between 5-15%

day 3

30 minute recovery run @ Zone 1. Slow, easy run to recover after last few days of training..

Mountain biking, road cycling, strength & power, endurance, cross training, core stability exercises and multi sport events.

Please contact me for further information.

Pool sessions, open water, strength & conditioning, dry land, pre & post training/competition drills.

Please contact me for further information.


3 day sample plan...

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day 1

500m warm up as 5x100m - Free, back, choice, pull, kick.

10 x 150m as 100m strongest stroke @ 80-90% effort 10sec rest - 50m weakest leg kick 

3 x 400m Pull - Free 

10 x 25 (5 dips at each end) 20 secs rest 

500m swim down as 5x100m alternate drill/pull

day 2

Dry land training - Zen8 band training (see video links) 30 minute band work. Followed by:

3 x 12 shoulder press 

3 x 15 press up 

3 x 60 secs plank

30 second rest between each set.

Repeat x 2

day 3

Open water loops session. 800m warm up - long slow strokes with sighting. 2 x 400m loop max efforts (record time) 1 x 400m recovery and repeat. Can you beat your time on the second round?


recovery & stretching



Visualisation techniques, zoning, warm ups, cool downs, pre and post competition drills, recovery day routines.

Please contact me for further information.

Strength training should be incorporated into every training plan in every sport. Here is an example of a strength session for an intermediate runner.

Please contact me for further information.

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The following strength workout focuses on the core and lower body. The aim is not building muscle but enhancing strength:

Warm Up:

Foam roller: 10 minutes

Main Set (lower body):

Squats: 3 x 10 reps

Lunges 3 x 10 reps (5 each side)

Kettle Bell Swings 3 x 10 reps


NOTE: use a weight that is hard (7-8/10) but not causing excessive strain.

Main Set (core):

Plank: 60 secs x 3

Ab roller: 3 x 10

Cool Down:

Flexibility routine 

Static stretches 

Foam roll if needed

Mindfulness techniques, visualisation, recreational sport and fitness, other interests, fuelling the body, mind and soul.

Please contact me for further information.


tailored packages

This will include 3,6,9,12 month package options where i will tailor the price depending on contact time with me. I.e bronze, silver and gold. 


1 phone call and 2 emails a month.


2 weekly phone call and weekly emails.


unlimited phone calls and unlimited emails (during working hours).

please contact me for further information.



If you are looking for a generic or tailored programmed for your sport, goals or discipline -

Peak can write these programmes for you to follow. Please feel free to browse some of the samples below to give you an idea of the programme writing style that Peak uses.


Should you be aiming for a specific goal, event or training target in your chosen discipline then please select an option below or contact me for more details.



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